CDC and WHO are the websites that will provide non-partisan, non-biased scientific information about all aspects of Covid-19.

Newsguard is a site that lists many web sites that have contained false information about Covid-19. Wikipedia also lists sites that it describes as “Fake News.”

Why is the world going crazy?

A world wide pandemic that is killing hundreds of thousands of people and being spread by asymptomatic individuals is scary as hell. It is like Earth is being attacked by Mars and we were totally unprepared. Combine a deadly pandemic with a lack of knowledge about what it is and what we should do and scared people everywhere are going to do all kinds of psychologically weird behavior.

The experts, and the human immune system, have never seen a virus like Covid-19. It will take time to figure out how it works and how to mitigate it. In the mean time, we need to use what knowledge we do have to determine a range of possible outcomes and solutions. We also need to figure out what we can do to reduce the total number of deaths without causing more deaths than we are preventing.

In regards to pandemics, this is not our first rodeo. We have an enormous amount of historical information to inform us how these things work and how people respond. It may be that our advanced technology will allow us the ability to mitigate this particular pandemic in a truly unprecedented way, however, people will still do all the usual range of chaotic behaviors.

“It is not really happening. It is not as bad as they say. The experts are idiots and the idiots are experts. Just use ‘common sense.’ It will not affect me. I am not scared. I have the right do whatever I want. It only lasted a few months and went away so we can all get back to normal. It is a made up pandemic that is really a conspiracy by the deep state and rich people to control us. It is the direct fault of some group of people that I don’t trust. Whatever happens is what God wants to happen. Only sinners will die. Whatever happens is what will happen and there is nothing we can do about it.”

Nobody is stupid. We are all patriots. We all care about our fellow man. We are just scared and trying to survive which means we will need to use psychological defense mechanisms.

What should I be doing?

First and foremost, stop blaming. Stop calling others “stupid” or “weak.”

Second, consider that the experts know a lot more than you but might not know everything.

Third, understand that we defeat this enemy as a team. Try to do your part. Try to be a team player.

Fourth, talk to your family and close friends frequently. This is a time to come together and focus on what life is really about.

Finally, you may have to suffer some monetary loss or restriction of your freedoms or you may feel depressed or even irritated. Remember, you are very likely to survive but others may not be so fortunate. When you look back on this period of time make sure you can honestly say that you helped out and did what you could.


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